We have always been at the forefront of utilizing modern technology and enjoy doing so With modern day technology you really are able to automate most areas of the house from the very basic to the very complex we are able to facilitate the installation of them all.

“We have the imagination, knowledge and experience to make your automation ideas possible.”

Now, you must be wondering as to how your home security system can interact with you while you are away. Well, the unit comprises of a central control device, which can communicate with your GSM cell phone. Therefore, the intruder cannot tamper with it, and various sirens and sensors are connection to the central control device as well. What’s more, multiple users and multiple cell phones (maximum of 5 GSM Cell Phones) can be connected to the 24×7 home security systems. It comes with 48hours power back-up, and ensures the safety of your home even in case of power outage.

We provides all types of Video Door Phone, Fingerprint Locks, RFID Locks for Residential and Hotel purpose.

The indoor passive infrared detector uses a high-density Fresnel lens designed to produce sharply-focused images throughout the field of view providing superior response to intruders. Easy installation and flexible mounting options provide state-of-the-art detection

Advanced signal analysis processing technology to provide ultra-high detection and anti-distort performance. To deliver consistent performance at all operating temperatures dynamic temperature compensation automatically adjusts the detectors sensitivity relative to room temperature to more accurately detect the unique signature of human body heat.

The efficient design of the combined passive infrared and microwave detector provides exceptional versatility. By combining PIR and microwave technologies. To reduce the incidence of false alarms and maintains its sensitivity throughout the detection area even in high temperature or low contrast environments.

It provides high probability of detection, low nuisance alarms and resistance to rain, fog, wind, dust, falling snow and temperature extremes.